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Have your clients entrusted you to decorate their house exteriors with unique glazing constructions? Are you challenged every time you need to select suitable window or door systems to fit your projects the best? Would you like to get a great tool and increase the value of your business?

Let us help you to distinguish the dwellings of your clients by exclusive handmade door and window constructions!

There are several reasons why our offer is important for you and your customers:

  • You satisfy tastes of the choosiest clients by installing unique opening translucent constructions made on the base of our technical know-how[1].
  • Arched, triangular, oval, trapezium-shaped, round and multiangular constructions of any possible colors and modern shapes become an excellent instrument in your hands to realize the most courageous dreams of your clients.
  • Thanks to energy-efficient glass integrated into our constructions you can install them regardless a climatic zone – in any location they will work with the same effect for both you and your client. Apart from unique design you sell constructions with maximum energy-saving characteristics.

[1] Steel Reinforcement of the Arch Section - is a technological discovery by KORSA TM. Mentioned method allows creating opening constructions of any shapes which are protected from insufflation, frosting penetration and hanging casements.

You have a unique chance till the 15th of February!
Challenge our professionals right now and visualize your ideas for free!

Draw and send us a hand-made picture of any window or a door construction and our technicians will develop a visual prototype of how it will look like in reality!

Don’t wait! Turn your ideas into reality right now!

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